Monday, 11 June 2007

113 emails

It is all getting a bit unmanageable. I was on a Critical Literacies day all day. Fabulous to hear about all the projects in the group. And I was proud to talk about what Mark had been doing on our project in his school; great to get positive feedback on this.
In the meantime I got 113 emails in my work in box.
I just think it is so unreasonable the amount of stuff that comes piling in; individuals take the responsibility of field their work and no-one every seems aware of how much everyone is getting.
What can be done? Are we getting to a point now where people will start to protest and say it has to stop?

I have to go now in order to start gnawing away at the edges of the stuff again.


Kate said...

I will never email you again.
Actually msot of the emails were from me. Sorry.

guy said...

Here's my rules: 1. start with emails from people I like 2. delete those that are obviously pointless (if you're wrong you can always claim you never got them) 3. make short unintelligble replies to time-wasters 4. forward difficult ones to random people to buy time 5. write grovelling apologetic emails to various others.

If you're reading this and have been offended by my emails, try leaving a message on my voicemail.

Kate said...

Will do.
With me I cravenly reply to everybody which is why I am still emailing on a Saturday morning.

DrJoolz said...

God. Your rules are pdg. (Pretty Damn Good.)

Will copy.

Regarding voicemail... I find it terrifying. Why have they rung instead of emailed?

guy said...

...actually I don't have voicemail (except on my mobile)!