Monday, 25 June 2007


I had some today . It was staff development here. It began with a thing from the new 'Environment Group'. It was quite funny as it was all about saving the planet and global warming. I discovered that we must not drink from polystyrene cups; china mugs are the best and re-using is apparently MUCH better than re-cycling. (You see, I was listening.)


But all the while there was a storm outside and it did not seem the globe had warmed at all. We have had floods all day. And the development is that people had to be rescued from their ROOF TOPS in Sheffield (where we were and I still am.) I think it may be a classified environmental disaster. Oh no.

People have been quoting records of how many years ago it was so bad as this (125) and how many inches of rain we've had - (I can't remember)- and that it is equivalent to two months worth of rain in one day.
Statistics statistics.
Blah de blah blah.

In the meantime.... I did a little spot with Tim about blogging and stuff. It was quite fun and maybe a few people were interested. You never know. Bloggers are like smokers .. always looking for new recruits. (Maybe smokers can start blogging as a new hobby on July 1st...)

There is a conference on feminism and popular culture I would like to go to but have only just discovered... I found out about it by a gigantic surf around the TinterWeb on the trail of this image here...

Can you see how I found out about the conference, starting with this picture? (Clue below the picture...)

Another DEVELOPMENT was that Verity asked me about working on a bid to develop second life teaching ideas... cool or what?

And finally Jackie M has a blog. Hooray.

OK so the image was done by Tild but I found it here first. Then here.


DrDana said...

We should chat -- I am supposed to do a course in August on learning in digital and virtual (are those different things?) environments or some such title, and a big piece of it is supposed to take place in Second Life, and I am completely lost when I am there... Help!

DrJoolz said...

drdana... I am completely the same ... I just can't do it... but am thinking of paying someone to show me how to do it ... I think it will take FAR too long to learn onb my own. If I can get someone to teach me I will pass on all I know.