Saturday, 9 June 2007

Final Conference

Today, like Guy, I was at the final conference of the Play, Creativity and Digital Cultures seminar series.

It was so great to do all that wonderful networking - so good to see people again and chat on about our work. As usual I went away thinking it would have been better to have a two day event so that I couldghave longer conversations and see more presentations. Sign of a good event.

Kevin Leander had some great data from the classroom - talking about stuff kids are doing that is so much more creative and exciting than what is going on in the official 'lesson'. While the official 'curricum is in prgress, kids are multi tasking and dealing in far more sophisticated texts and inmteractivity than is being offered via pedagogy.

There was all sorts of wonderful stuff being reported; it all left me with the feeling that I want to research more closely with young people and their textmaking, focussing a bit more on where the needs are. I want to concentrate a bit less on the digital geniuses and find out what MOST kids are doing and consider where education goes from here to get everyone involved. I want to think about the ways in which educational provision can enhance experiences beyond the classroom and look at what aspects of informal learning practices are appropriate for classroom spaces and to think about how classrooms can broaden, deepen and strengthen what is happening out there in pockets of the wider community.


guy said...

I like the idea of focusing on everyday text-making practices (or is it processes?) and I must say I've come to the conclusion that exotic niche practices are of little interest(to me).

Kate said...

HOw does this fit in with complex writing?

DrJoolz said...

I don't know what complex writing is.

guy said..., neither. Pray tell, Kate.