Monday, 4 June 2007

Blending Identities

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Went to Peace in the Park on Saturday. Some interesting stuff to photograph and saw a wonderful band Just Potatoes. The lead singer had the most beautiful rich Blues voice but could also belt out Waits' Chocolate Jesus, giving a momentous performance.

Just Potatoes

(This is the singer from Just Potatoes.)

I found out about the event in several ways - all of which were to do with my 'life online' Firstly I took a photo last week of a a performer advertising the event - but only found out about the event after I took the shot for my Flickr stream (not yet uploaded); secondly I heard about the event on a discussion thread on Flickr; thirdly I heard about it via a contact on Ian Jones came up to me and said 'Hi you're DrJoolz aren't you? I recognise you from Flickr ...

So I went to an event prompted by online stuff... and when I was there I did stuff just so I could enhance my online activities... life online and off line have blurred boundaries .... and all this stuff about DrJoolz... Am I DrJoolz?? There is this thing about a textual self that I present ... am I becoming it? (Or is it vice versa)

Life Online, huh? Blending Identities.

(Thanks to TT for the images.)

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