Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Mash ups

Having moaned in my last post about the number of emails I get, this morning I was unable to open any of my emails due to a "hardware problem" at work.


I had no idea how to start work without it. I was totally incapacitated. All my work was online - hidden away as attachments to emails. Maybe I will never moan again about having so many emails... no don't think so.

When it did get going, I found I had been sent a link to this wonderful creation on Youtube:

An interesting take on the mash up where classic paintings of women have been digitised and allowed to dissolve one into another. I guess it reflects similarities and differences about women across the ages.

I receive increasing numbers of emails which contain links to YouTube and it is certainly a site which has become a household name. It is embedded into everyday life in a manner which no longer is associated with exotic or advanced ICT practices. Perhaps this is an example of 'blackboxing'; a term associated with Black Box Theory - which I was introduced to by Mary P and Jennifer Rowsell.

In the meantime, I suppose I need to be more circumspect when I use terms like 'everyday life' ... whose 'everyday life' do I mean? Nesta Futurelab has a report about Digital Divides which they say are increasing. Some people's everyday lives allow them no access to technology at all.
It is arguably the role of policy makers and education practitioners to to provide opportunities for everyone to access new technologies and use them in ways that are relevant to their lives.

The futurelab is in Bristol, so while we are down there (here?) let me show you some streetart from there:

beauty island

This is from the StokesCroft area and even though this art is on the street, it has a frame around it as if hanging in somebody's house. Nice juxtaposition here taking style from one space and putting it in another. The work has been created by local people trying to re-claim the area and do it up in the way they want. It is as if they are saying' this is our home'. It is a kind of streeet art mashup of genres. (It is not just in technology that grass roots level creativity plays with boundaries and moves things around to express new ideas.)


Kate said...

Your new blog is SO EXCITING.
Just a reflection after my RAGE AND FURY at not being able to send any emails I actually did some work. This was a surprise as I did not know you could do work without email. Can you?
I think we should be told.

DrJoolz said...

I had no idea it was possible. It took me an hour to work it out though.