Sunday, 17 June 2007

new technologies

My New Apple does not seem to work as well as some of the others.


(I have been silly again. See full set here.)


Apprentice said...

What's it core processor?

DrJoolz said...

IT's a hybrid apprentice. It's called a DUAL PIP.

DrDana said...

Absolutely gorgeous photo. How did you shoot it -- did you have a light setup and everything?

Always good to read what you've been up to... makes me think, hard. : )

DrJoolz said...

Ah thanks so much DrDana ... nothing elaborate at all for this one... I put it in front of a white wall by my kitchen window... although I have been known to mess around in the past, just for silly shots like this. Glad you found your way to this new space and glad you like it all ... thanks very much ;))