Thursday, 28 June 2007

My little podcast thing

I have just done my first podcast. I wanted to check that it was easy to do ... and it IS!! (I mention this new course in the recording.)

All I needed was to go the website, register and that was it. I recorded straight onto my powerbook and it just did it - no outside microphone or owt. Just stared at the screen and spoke.

So that's that decided. I am going to do so many of these things that you will be sick of hearing my voice. ( I would like to have a different accent.)

Things to say about it ... I don't sound like me. I repeat myself. I talk rubbish. And at the end I say 'Grrreat' instead of 'great'.

I think in fact that I need to script these things or at least make notes of what to include.

So yes, it is a learning experience. techNOLOGY = easy. TechNEEK - bad.

Makes me realise exactly how clever these young journalists are.

And in the meantime poor old Sheffield is still suffering. TT told me outallnight had some great shots of the effects of the flood as opposed to the floods itself ....

here is part of the busiest motorway in the UK - closed due to floods higher up ....

The Flood! Motorway closed - very eerie

The Flood! M1 closed...once in a lifetime!

Well done to outallnight whose full set of flood photos are here.


Critical Literacy said...

Hello, I found you quite by accident while searching for Jackie Marsh's digital beginnings site. The course you describe sounds wonderful. Wish I could take it!

Looking forward to future casts.


DrJoolz said...

ah yes you can!! You can!!

guy said...

What a co-incidence - you used outallnight's flood pics around the same time as I did!

DrJoolz said...

Ah yes I see you did Guy...after I posted these I spotted others of outallninght that I think are even better.