Monday, 2 July 2007

technology makes you mad


Or at least some people seem to be going crazy.
Seb sent me this link the other week and you will laugh like I did when you follow it.

maybe Seb knows that emails have been driving me nuts lately.

The other one who is going mad is the guy who owns the cat called Mr Lee. Not just that he names his pet in an idiosyncratic way. But the fact that he not only has attached a web cam to his cat, but he blogs it all.

See here.


Jackie Marsh said...

oh god, let's hope that Mr lee doesn't kill a sweet little bird whilst wearing the webcam...

Julia said...

that's just wonderful, thanks for sharing it! I love it.

During the Russian revolution there was an attempt to 'reclaim' or reinterpret punctuation marks. Andrei Bely wrote a novel called Petersburg based (as I recall, from a very old memory) on the radical potential of the em-dash (as staid typographers named it)