Friday, 31 August 2007

Microsoft? Are you scared yet?

At last another bit of competition for Micrsoft with Dell launching the use of Ubuntu an opensource operating system to be included on some of its machines. Perhaps this will see the end of such narrow competition ... yes I know that Apple's Tiger (grrrr) is lovely everyone .... but you know what I mean.

Ubuntu is designed by the people for the people (ha ha) or as Dell says, it:
lets multiple people change, improve and redistribute the source code, meaning the software is generally community developed and available for free

So of course that makes it cheaper. And competitive. I wonder how many other manufacturers will follow suit... and what will Microsoft do to bribe them to stay loyal?

In the meantime Brendadada has this piece on Flickr, where Yahoo's takeover of that initially wonderful online space has progressivley annoyed her so much that she has emigrated (with some friends) to
Ipernity. It looks like a very nice place indeed.

Interesting watching the debates about control of online spaces and so on and all this does have resonances for literacy practices and research about online text production and consumption. (So keep those articles coming Brendadada).

In the meantime, here is me zooming down the A57 by Stines in Derbyshire ... relieved to be on the downhill run at last ... and hoping we will have some kind of summer in the UK afterall

(Thanks to TT for the shot of me smiling at last and for telling me bout stuff for my blog).


brendadada said...

Hah, certainly will keep the articles coming, Dr. :)

In fact I did go to Ipernity, but one thing I've learned from the debacle (and there have been many), is not to devote much of my time in these Web2 communities, but to concentrate on the blogosphere, and particularly on developing my own web presence.

This is in part driven by my degree course. Did I have a credible and creditable web address for my business card? My time on Flickr, whilst thoroughly enjoyable, in the end, left me with nothing portable. I certainly never gave anyone its url, even while I was enjoying life there.

The friendships I made will undoubtedly continue, but apart from that, I had nothing to show for all of those hours.

A short few months this summer concentrating on writing these few short articles, and uploading photographs to my own space, feels much more productive.

It's like coming home to a warm and comfortable house after a couple of nights of wild partying on the town, taxi ranks and kebab shops included.


brendadada said...

Love the cycling photo. A great way to keep lithe and nimble!

DrJoolz said...

Really interesting how you feel about Flickr now and I am wondering if you will change your view at some point. I began as a blogger and came to Flickr at first only to upload images to my blog (at that time you could not upload directly but needed the html code from somewhere else.) Anyway I then got more into Flickr than my blog as loved the dynamism. These days I find it a bit crowded and so on but if I keep to my 'little group' I am happy. It is like any big organisation I think, that when it expnads it seems less like a family and more like a mob. I also am spending more time on my blog again ... although the allure of all of it is much less than it was. Without doubt though, I have gained meny friends through all the online stuff and now even know more people in Sheffield than after 25 years of living here! And for me the friendships are a huge benefit; but also I have reallygot into photography. I am nowehere near as good as I would like to be, but that is the motivation.

brendadada said...

I had a break of more than 6 months last year, and to be honest, I didn't miss it at all. As well as all the issues in my piece, it's a time gobbler. And the swame old, same old things come up over and over again, but as fights now. It's over for me, really. I suspect for many others too.

My final thought is, like you, I'm learning. My photos aren't much cop (yet) but I need to hang around with people who'll help foster that. The trip to Bradford was fabulous, but in the end I went on my own.

Real 'community' (whatever that is) takes time to develop. It can't be snipped from the page of a thing on the internet.

DrJoolz said...

Yes the whole idea of 'community' is a much disputed one ...

would have enjoyed coming to Bradford with you,but you know how it is with family stuff sometimes... but I am sure we will hook up again.

brendadada said...

Certain we will. :)