Monday, 27 August 2007

National Reading Conference in Austin Texas this year

and so I have done a bit of research about Texas.

Found this video in the New York Times online.

Wonder if the NRC people will affect the Texans at all. I am looking forward to attending... I understand Austin is really different from the rest of the state.


brendadada said...

A hotbed of radicalism, apparently, unique in the state. I met Simon Bird aka Birdworks' mate Andrew aka chumplink a couple of years ago when they were touring the UK. He's an Austinian. Sounds like an interesting place.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I met someone from the Information Department at that Uni in Second Life yesterday, at a SL parallel conference. Just thought I'd throw that in to sound cool.
Sheila (W, in RL)

DrJoolz said...

Yeah I can't wait to go in fact; am planningto buy some cobpy boots. I neeeed them.
No doubt I will report all on here.

brendadada said...

Cowbody boots?

Of course - got to be done!

DrJoolz said...

I do have a pair already.
But I was thinking purple next time ...
see here