Tuesday, 9 October 2007


People seem to feel guilty if they don't regularly update their blog/vlog or whatever online space they keep.
What is it about this stuff that causes people to feel guilty?? (It reminds me of when I was addicted to running and felt SO bad if I had a day off).

But this is something even more strange than that. There is something interesting here about feeling that there is a vigilant punitive audience out there (out where exactly??) judging you the blogger (non-blogger) for not being a proper daily activist. Is it that in not blogging you are lettin the side down? That you are not a proper geek? That you (horror) have nothing to say?

Now come on guys... let's have therapy on this. It is UP TO YOU how often you blog. I always seem to apologise if I have not blogged in a while (sorry chaps) and it seems to be a common thing look here at the wonderful Melissa.

She is SO SWEET.

When I was in NYC and talking to the magnificent Gamma he told me that if someone does not blog for a couple of weeks, he deletes them from his blogroll.

I was mortified. What annihilation ... much as I adore Gamma of course, this is a standard I cannot live up to and get all my other stuff done at the same time.

So different blogs do different things and people start them for all kinds of reasons. Do you feel guilty if you don't blog??


Jackie Marsh said...

Well, I am a new blogger, so no guilt as yet. I guess I will feel guilty eventually as I feel guilty about most other things I don't do, so why not blogs?! But you say very sensible things that I agree with so I will try not to feel guilty when I get to that stage.

guy said...

I must say I'm guilt-free, but I do like to keep posting 'cos I want to be 'there', wherever 'there' is. Deleting people if they lapse is a bit extreme, particularly when it's so easy to watch their feeds...and anyway there are some good bloggers who are sporadic. The closest I get to guilt is about images...when I'm low on stock, because I really do like to use mu own.

Mary Plain said...

have coincidentally ben exploring this in the bearpit today, prompted by SimplyClare coming back to the blogosphere.. I don't exactly feel guilty, more frustrated that yet another thing that I do and enjoy seems to get squeezed out by the rest of life, just like learning the clarinet, taking photos seem to have been recently impossible to fit in - the list is endless.

Sheila Webber said...

Oh yes, I feel if I haven't blogged for a couple of days, which is strange, really, considering I feel less pressing guilt about all the other work-related things that I haven't done for a couple of days and should have. Deleting links to blogs after a couple of weeks sounds like someone who hasn't anything better to do than monitor other people's blogs obsessively .....

BTW I just noticed that (since I'm not logged in and will have to do so to post this comment) it says "Choose your identity ... Google/Blogger ... Other .... Anonymous" Did it always ask you to chose an identity? That sounds quite exciting.