Monday, 8 October 2007

Online MA in New Literacies goes live...

Oh yeah... I am so pleased with our new course which goes live today ... I am so so excited and am looking forward to the students playing around in there and doing stuff on New Literacies.

it feels like its been a long time coming, but now it's here, and we are ready to go.

We'll be doing lots of stuff about new practices around new technologies ... maybe analysing stuff like this very cool video here But I really love the way this video reinterprets aspects of environmental literacy to suit a lovely romantic story...

I love the way people are using YouTube as a way of being activist, or just exploring views. See this one here:

Why don't you do the green thing?? Walk to work ... you know you wanna.


brendadada said...

Ooooh, an MA ? Marvellous! Linky??

And yes, I gave up my car back in April after a ban, and I love walking and public transport is fabulous. Social experimentation and a whole new world to look at every day. I love it. When I get the thing back I'll be carsharing, since I cannot imagine the folly of all those short trips I lazily used to make.

DrJoolz said...

Oh well done BDD ... I think it's great if you can dispense with a car. TT and I walk to work and consider ourselves so lucky to be able to do so. It saves a lot of stress!!

As for the online MA I am afraid cannot link to the actual course as it is password protected etc.