Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A New Literacy Event

Today I had a go at playing Supple!! Thanks to PJC my life will never be the same again. It's a bit like the Sims - but sexier. So that's the game for me, obviously.


Check out the demo.

Thinking about events and practices, what might I be involved in here .. blogging as a literacy practice and prior to this I was involved in playing video games as a practice. The literacy event I was involved in was playing 'Supple' at my office computer and then writing this particular post - which involved embedding a video from YouTube. Usually it is pretty easy to embed a video from YouTube but today I had to fiidle around and work out how to make the code work... maybe I am a digital native as I keep on going till I resolve a problem lilke this.

Maybe one day I will be as good as this baby using the iphone:


Amazing how this little baby is learning to manipulate text at the same time as he is learning to speak. Is this baby involved in a literacy event I wonder? As Barton and Hamilton also note is commonplace, there is a lot of talk going on around the literacy event, and this is certainly a social event we see here.

In terms of practices there is a whole load of nurturing stuff going on there (the practice of parenting and 'being in a family') and a sharing of a global global phenomenon from the broader context.

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Jackie Marsh said...

Yes, I agree that there are a range of interesting practices here and suggest you also look at the next video that family posted, see:


the child has obviously learned a range of social practices around technology, including saying 'cheese' when he looks at a camera! Fascinating stuff.