Monday, 14 January 2008

Learning and Teaching Conference

Had a good day at this conference on Monday.

Did a presentation about the online MA, which seemed to go down OK.

It is hosted on slideshare here.
In my presentation I was wanting to share ideas about how to make an online course, which uses 'clunky' software, into something a bit more like a web 2.0 experience. I also wanted to share thoughts about what we had learned so far as teachers.

In the actual presentation I went into the course space itself and did not just stay with the slideshow, but cannot show this here as it is all password protected. This system means that students can get on with their course without feeling that they are being overlooked by 'all and sundry'!

I love our course and feel I know the students better than I know my 'face to face' taught students.


Anonymous said...

I think people must be empowered by being able to "hide" behind their computer screen. As such, I guess we all open up just that bit more which means in many ways we can know each other more than how we would if we were only meeting face to face. Does this make sense?

DrJoolz said...

Yes it makes total sense and I agree. I think an online course puts all learners at the same starting point - the lack of physical presence means that no one can jump to any conclusions about anyone I think. You can also rephrase what you write before posting and can lurk for as long as you like before saying anything.

Sheila Webber said...

I enjoyed your session ;-)

I also admired your fashion sense ;-))

DrJoolz said...

ha ha thanks Sheila - it is always good to spend time with other fashionistas!!

Glad you enjoyed the presentation - I ferlt a bit scared as always as you never know what other epople have been doing and whether you are teaching tyour grandmother to suck eggs...