Sunday, 13 January 2008

New stuff to look at:

First up, is Tumbla, a new piece of free bloggoing software. Looks clean and easy to use, supporting easy upload from mobile phones.

Next is Jacke Eames' new venture Intimate Boudoir. We all know the success of TV shows like How To Look Good Naked but this is a makeover without the need to go on national TV. So you don't have that humiliation but you do have the photographs to show your friends.
This kind of thing can be a real confidence boost I guess. And perhaps they will show you ways of having your photo taken without making you look like a hog. (I often look like a hog ... but then it may be the raw materials at fault. )

Definitely the shots on 'Intimate Boudoir' are well impressive and it looks like they really can work some magic. You choose from a range of packages, the most pricey of which comes in at just over a grand. A nice litle earner I have no doubt. Is is going to be a bit of a life coach therapy thing for some people? Maybe so.

You may remember this video from Dove, which I blogged sometime back.

There is a marvellous parody here. I like web culture. Yes I do.

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