Sunday, 27 January 2008

Popular Culture in the Classroom

So0arcOz has a great post here about a tv programme that I have not seen - maybe it is only available so far in Oz, but it is a satirical sopa opera based in aschool.
I love that the kids in this school have the same uniform as kids in a local private school near me.

Aaaanyway I think the programme looks just spot on for use in the classroom as it provides hot topics for kids to discuss and would also be a good media studies topic in itself - 'what makes popular culture so controversial?'

Check it out.

Hilarious. I really wanna watch it on our tvs in the UK. Please can we buy it Mr BBC?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I have Summer Heights High on DVD here.You can get it through the ABC website in oz (try, or no doubt through which is like HMV in Oz.

Clearly not appropriate for the young kiddies I teach, but I do agree that it does present good conversation topics for older children/teens.

Anonymous said...

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guy said...

Well done, sparcoz and as for you barb michelen, I don't really care about your trip to the sounds really boring. Anyway, I'm glad you work from home because that reduces the chances of just bumping into you!