Tuesday, 19 February 2008

New Take on New Literacies

A kind of reverse grafitti is shown here with a acharity for the homeless cleaning up walls covered in streetart ... but leaving a new trace... just the shape of a homeless person crouching for warmth.

In another example of text reproduction, see the antics of this photocopier here ... and before you switch it off assuming how it will end ... please view to this very short film's conclusion.

And so we have two very different examples of new literacy practices - involving the use of memes and text reproduction.


guy said...

I like graffiti as social action...as for the video, well is that new literacy or social comment?

DrJoolz said...

Yeah good point .. I think it is pretty much social commentary.

And I have just realised that 'textual reproduction' sounds just a tad rude.

Anonymous said...

interesting ;-)