Friday, 14 March 2008

Literacy for Lifelong Learning Conference

I have had a fantastic time over the last few days at the Literacy for Lifelong Learning Conference here in Jamaica - The University of West Indies Education Department. .

When I get my photos and my head sorted out a bit more about the experience of being here, I will post more about the trip, but for now, here is the slideshow which I used for the keynote presentation. (Click on the orange and blue shareware icon to go to the shareware site and see the show on full screen)

I will add more links into this post when I get home so that conference delegates can access the paper I have written relating to the keynote presentation. and also the powerpoint I used and and resources I referred to in my workshop.

But in the meantime .....I also mentioned the book in my workshop by Marsh and Millard - see here.

And Kress's book here.

Exciting, accessible and intelligent is Lankshear and Knobel's book on New Lteracies .... as well as their book The New Literacy Sampler ... which is also available online to read here.

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Sheila Webber said...

An irrelevant point - have you seen what Slideshare suggests as "related slideshows" once you come to the end of your slides? They include "Beautiful French news girl" and "Happy new year 2008" (featuring pictures of kittens). I suppose it could be worse, but I haven't quite worked out the connection yet.