Monday, 24 March 2008

Swoon (again)

Here's swoon talking at MOMA about her work:

and part Two:

I am currently drafting an article called:

Location Location Location: Changing places, modes and meanings of streetart as digital image

Briefly it's about the use of online spaces to promote and share streetart and the ways in which the online space impacts on meanings of the art and how this then is brought back to the street.... that is to say, that I have seen how streetartists use Flickr to promote their work; to talk about their work; to show their work. They influence each other online; they see how flickr people respond to their work and and how they love to photograph it. And this can impact on what artists do next - and they certainly participate in photographing and 'collecting' the art in Flickr spaces. This whole process creates an interesting and dynamic archive online where images are replicated, arranged, labelled, organised and tagged. The art work becomes part of multiple narratives and acts differently for different people, meaning different things.

Themes in the article will be:

  • Different modes and moving texts from one place to another
  • Re-articulation of materiality
  • Meanings change
  • Presentations of identity
  • Transforming spaces
  • Interaction of items with environment and interaction of people with the art (or not)
  • Changing over time
  • Mash-ups
  • Replications and memes
I will submit it to Visual Communication and hope for the best.

swoon and man with bag

And, I forgot to mention, I found out about the Swoon videos, because another street artist, anaperu told me about it in a comment on this picture here. So there we are. More evidence, my dear Watson.


Karl said...

I consider that posting SA on Flickr is a superb extension of the sharing / giving element of street art. We can't all be jetting round the best SA cities but we can all get to see a lot of it on Flickr. Those with the collecting bug and who love to catalogue and research, build their collection and then tag away furiously. This in turn helps the art to become more and more accessible though the Flickr archive.

Artists and gallerists know that we're looking for art on Flickr so are found there too. We went to a sublime exhibition as a result of a post in a group dedicated to one artist.

So, Flickr further democratises SA by making in more widely available and more accessible - but also does so by allowing us to access it (or ignore it) at whatever level and on our own terms, as in offline life.

I find it really interesting that the Swoon wall and the (lack of) interaction with the bag carrying chap wasn't just an experience you could have but one I can now have, along with all the other Flickrites. K.

DrJoolz said...

Yes I agree Karl. I would never have been interested in SA if it were not for Flickr. And I agree I love that thing where you can hang on to other people's experiences in photography.