Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Unbearably good StreetArt

the loveliness of this idea as a piece of streetart by joshua allen harris... oh it is delicious....

(Thanks to the food of the future for this).
There is also this video which shows an hour in the life of a Banksy piece:

There is some doubt about the authenticity of the guy in this video ... and it's probably and April fool thing

Really loving the way these pieces spread round the web these days.

There's nothing like a good meme or a good piece of gossip.


Aluguel de Computadores said...
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Mary Plain said...

sadly the third one won't work but I loved the other two, especially the dog..

DrJoolz said...

OH yes , I see they have taken it down from YouTube. Must have just been for April 1st!

Anonymous said...

An interesting, if not rather old article can be found at:


... mentioning amongst other things the price tag (£100,000) that his work has fetched. And council efforts to preserve his graffiti.

Does this make him less subversive than before?


NewLiteraciesGuru said...

I think that it kind of spoils the fun a bit when 'proper' authorities like the art. It takes away something. But that is I guess to romanticise things. I am glad that Banksy is recognised by all as an artist ... Swoon also (who I prefer) and I understand that they can do stuff that is for the street and other stuff that is for galleries. What the audience does with that becomes out of the artist's control I guess.