Thursday, 29 May 2008

street art stuff

Really love this little people streetart project which Tim told me about. (Thanks Tim).

I am putting together an article about the convergence of streetart and new technologies for the Visual Culture journal. Last week I presented in Manchester on this called: Location Location Location: streetart and online spaces - a traveller's tale.
So I am really enjoying the Channel 4 shorts at the moment on streeart:

Am going to London at the weekend and will do this tour and hope to look at the exhibition. SO EXCITING!!!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

DCSF on Youtube

I didn't realise that the government had videos on Youtube ....

here is the launch of the Byron report :

and here is something from the outtake genre of video ...

funny what you come across when you aren't trying.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

vegetables as instrments

Obviously, we all know vegetables are good for you:

(OMG do not make the mistake of viewing the WHOLE of this video...)

This is perhaps a new take on the 'five a day' rule:

As you are aware, vegetables are great for your health, but it turns out they have a great number of other uses too. Plenty more where this came from:

I wrote before a bit about memes here and here and here. Just wondering if the whole veggies as musical instrument is also a meme.

I am pretty sure that the 'How to ...' format is a meme of some kind... which THE PERKLETS have heroically joined in with.

I think that the term meme is a term to be used to describe a social phenomenon but is NOT something that determines what should happen. That is to say I think a true meme evolves through and across groups, but f it is kind of DIRECTED, it does not seem like a true meme to me As in this example here.

Or am I being too purist about this? If you want to row about this check out this