Thursday, 29 May 2008

street art stuff

Really love this little people streetart project which Tim told me about. (Thanks Tim).

I am putting together an article about the convergence of streetart and new technologies for the Visual Culture journal. Last week I presented in Manchester on this called: Location Location Location: streetart and online spaces - a traveller's tale.
So I am really enjoying the Channel 4 shorts at the moment on streeart:

Am going to London at the weekend and will do this tour and hope to look at the exhibition. SO EXCITING!!!!


Faye said...

I love the little people project! The exhibition sounds great too - does Blu do the wall-painted animation? I read a post about it the other day here: The video is amazing, I can't imagine how long it took. Or maybe there's a secret I don't know about.

Have a fab time in London!

Karl said...

How sooper. Have a great weekend. I want to be an elephant on the wall at one of your presentations. I can imagine they're fabulous.