Thursday, 15 May 2008

vegetables as instrments

Obviously, we all know vegetables are good for you:

(OMG do not make the mistake of viewing the WHOLE of this video...)

This is perhaps a new take on the 'five a day' rule:

As you are aware, vegetables are great for your health, but it turns out they have a great number of other uses too. Plenty more where this came from:

I wrote before a bit about memes here and here and here. Just wondering if the whole veggies as musical instrument is also a meme.

I am pretty sure that the 'How to ...' format is a meme of some kind... which THE PERKLETS have heroically joined in with.

I think that the term meme is a term to be used to describe a social phenomenon but is NOT something that determines what should happen. That is to say I think a true meme evolves through and across groups, but f it is kind of DIRECTED, it does not seem like a true meme to me As in this example here.

Or am I being too purist about this? If you want to row about this check out this

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Karl said...

A couple of people on the advisory board for the Journal of Memetics have interesting talks on TED. The commentary by viewers also includes some thoughtful stuff. I didn't like Susan Blackmore's projection of a mission onto memes and (taking into account what you've said) wondered if she was manipulating the definition too far. Whatever, I found her bathroom meme hilarious. All very interesting but I'll leave the subject to you boffins.