Wednesday, 30 July 2008

All spaced out

This font conference is marvellous....

Does it count as new literacies if fonts come to life and interact with each other?
And another thing ... when did we ever before word processors, know the names of more than twenty fonts? Or of any fonts? And when did the word 'font' become so commonplace? Huh? Hh? Not so stupid now, are we? We know new stuff.

Sunday, 27 July 2008


It is not just about different languages. Sometimes it is idiom.
Occasionally I have no idea what a New Yorker is saying to me and they have less of a clue about me.

It is a question of what you expect the other to say in a particular situation - like 'on the right' was not understood by our cab (taxi) drtiver, who was listening for 'take a right' - and we referred to a flat when we should have said 'apartment'. All this stuff makes a huge difference as to whether you have to turn the car round and change direction...

Waiting for a tube ("subway") in London we have to 'Mind the Gap'. In NYC we "stepaside".


Mind The Gap

I love how technology allows us to put these items side by side.

Friday, 25 July 2008

It's been a while...

but hey, I have been busy.

Thank Goodness I have a short break now before the new academic year. (Although Guy and I do need to finish that book (2009, we hope) Web 2.0 for Schools: Learning and Social Participation for this series before end of August ... but it's coming along ...)

This last few weeks I have been to this conference hosted by UKLA - did a keynote with Guy that links into our new book (did I mention that?)

And then moved on to Mississauga, near Toronto where I did a summer school with Guy, Colin and Michele. That was fun. here is the slideshow of my keynote on the interface between Flickr and Streetart (and stuff).

Am now in New Jersey, having a fabulous time meeting Flickr Friends and partying.

Been looking at streetart as usual:

Swoon - not just a state of mind

had our first ever facebook party. Met so many interesting people.

(Thanks to TT for image.)