Wednesday, 30 July 2008

All spaced out

This font conference is marvellous....

Does it count as new literacies if fonts come to life and interact with each other?
And another thing ... when did we ever before word processors, know the names of more than twenty fonts? Or of any fonts? And when did the word 'font' become so commonplace? Huh? Hh? Not so stupid now, are we? We know new stuff.


Sigrid said...

I love this!
Fonts and Superheroes, :-)
And I agree, knowledge of fonts definitely is part of new literacies.

Mary Plain said...

it's great.. and yes, new stuff inddeed. I went to an Eric Gill exhibition a few years back in Brighton and only then did I realise where Gill and Palatino and so on came from.. before they were just letters..