Friday, 25 July 2008

It's been a while...

but hey, I have been busy.

Thank Goodness I have a short break now before the new academic year. (Although Guy and I do need to finish that book (2009, we hope) Web 2.0 for Schools: Learning and Social Participation for this series before end of August ... but it's coming along ...)

This last few weeks I have been to this conference hosted by UKLA - did a keynote with Guy that links into our new book (did I mention that?)

And then moved on to Mississauga, near Toronto where I did a summer school with Guy, Colin and Michele. That was fun. here is the slideshow of my keynote on the interface between Flickr and Streetart (and stuff).

Am now in New Jersey, having a fabulous time meeting Flickr Friends and partying.

Been looking at streetart as usual:

Swoon - not just a state of mind

had our first ever facebook party. Met so many interesting people.

(Thanks to TT for image.)


T said...

Hi Julia. I was a student at your Mississauga sessions. I was the lady trying to post a pic of her dog on Flickr that couldn't be found, if that helps you remember. I have been reading your blog, and wanted to really thank you for your work at comments at our institute. You made a real impact on me (sounds cheesy, I know, but true nonetheless). I am anxiously awaiting your new book with Guy.
PS- Contacted Flickr, and they said I have to upload 5 pics before any can be searched.

DrJoolz said...

Hi T

yes of course remember you (and Barney). Thanks so much for your kind words - I loved the whole summer school which also made a big impact on me.

Thanks also for info re Flickr and tagging - I did not know that and it is handy information.

kathy said...

Mississauga student here

kathy said...

Mississauga student here who enjoyed your talk very much. I'm interested in how individual stories and events are recorded and attached to specific places, and then shared. Right now I'm following the murmur project and Google maps users who mark and share stories anchored to spots. We did literacy maps with Vivian Vasquez which explored the same idea. Looking for examples of street art in my area.