Friday, 24 October 2008

Be wary of leaning on your laptop!!

This evening as I was answering comments on my last blogpost I heard a voice saying 'who is that? and 'Who is there?'
I could not work out where the voice was coming from but then realised I had leant, without noticing, on my pc mouse. This meant that I was accidentally talking to Mrs Cassidy in Canada -.
WoW!!!! The Mrs Cathy Cassidy.

I wonder when I won't get excited about stuff like that? Will I ever take these technologies for granted? Part of me never wants to just get accustomed to it all. I want to always feel the magic of an event where I can be at home on my sofa, and talking to a teacher in her school in Canada. I don't want to think of it as ordinary or mundane. I think it is fabulous!

Mrs Cassidy's blog is just fantastic - as are her students of course who must be amongst the luckiest kids ever!! It seems that the yackpack gets used quite a lot by people, check out this post.

Check out yesterday's video:

But the thing I really love about Mrs C's latest finds is pictaps.

If you are interested you can put a walkie talkie channel on YOUR blog too .. how about it?

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