Thursday, 30 October 2008

Just thinking about yearbooking myself.

Aside from the clear detrimental effects the Inmternet is having on our language, the Internet is also having a disgraceful effect on us getting all above ourselves and hoity toity.

Now the yearbook I think is a lovely example of new technologies giving a new twist to the old -
there are amany examples of the 'book' online - such as some sites quaintly ask 'visitors' to sign the 'guestbook' and so on - and a great many ask us to sign in - and then out - as we leave. (and don't forget we still insist on referring to web pages.)

But I digress.
What I am talking about today (if I can only keep on topic) is the way we are constantly invited to DISPLAY ourselves in so many ways.

And don't we just love it ... filling in those facebook profiles, (you can even pay for help)uploading dozens of images laying a trail of our online self all over the digital web.

Thus we have sites and pages on eBay - with a profile pof our buying and selling; we can have a YouTube profile and a space to customise; we have our fabulous blogs and Flickr streams blah blah blah.

I am thinking about how we have these cubby holes, these HUBS, which store our digital selves and we lay threads frpom them, reaching out to other spaces. There is this idea I am playing around with that is about writing and multimpodal text making where we develop an online self - the self as textually constituted - that pays homage to our off line life and each infleunces the other. Jill Walker writes about 'distributed narratives' and this is an idea to which I keep returning - and I am thinking now about distributed identities - that we produce through text.

But hey look at this - this is a grand way of the Internet playing with identity.

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