Saturday, 29 November 2008

Why No WiFi?

So why is it that our swanky hotel charges a drastic fifteen quid (approx $25 US) to access the Internet using an ethernet cable and that we can get online down the road in the Film House for no charge at all?

Is the ability to find reasonable Internet access (wifi) part of a new cultural capital. geekiness has its real dividends as we sit here booking cinema tickets and arranging which exhibitions we will see; looking at Google maps for quick rouites and photogenic spots.

We are the new frugalistas. Just like our Mums and Dads, counting the pennies, but keeping our hands in our 501s as we go. As ever we sport an ironic turn of phrase and chant to each other in unison "There is only Art, my love".

Monday, 24 November 2008

Gender Bender ...and other gizmos

Interesting piece of software ... something that uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the gender of a blogger...

I put my url in the site here and it turns out that my blog is determined as having a male author.
Well I was surprised. It is clear they just do it on language then - I suppose I don't use the word handbag enough.

Something that made me laugh this week was the 'Why don't you look that up on Google' meme. The idea is that you send this link to people who persistently ask you questions that they could easily look up themselves on Google. The solution does not necessarily keep you on speaking terms with the person - but it made me laugh anyway.

Check it out here on 'let me google that for you'.
I got that link from Paul who is the fabbest person you could ever ask to work with.

Finally what a relief to know that 'Teenagers' Internet socialising is not a bad thing.'

But what about the over fifties? Am worried sick. Actually though ... why do people assume that the young are most vulnerable to addictive behaviours and so on? The evidence is, on the contrary, that adults behave extremely addictively sometimes, it is not something just to do with youth.

Can't remember if I have ever blogged Charlieissocoollike. But if I have, here he is again:

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Demonisation of children

Barnardo's has issued a video in defence of the young - against comments that position the young as problematic and transgressive:

This comes at the same time as the continued moral outrage about 'Baby P' lines the newsagents' shelves and pours constantly out of tv and radio news. Here the outrage is against social services and other agencies.

Children are alternately positioned as victims and as perpetrators of irresponsible acts.

So which is it?

This is a blog post trying to speak out against the lack of subtelty of media discourses where there seem only to be goodies and baddies.