Monday, 24 November 2008

Gender Bender ...and other gizmos

Interesting piece of software ... something that uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the gender of a blogger...

I put my url in the site here and it turns out that my blog is determined as having a male author.
Well I was surprised. It is clear they just do it on language then - I suppose I don't use the word handbag enough.

Something that made me laugh this week was the 'Why don't you look that up on Google' meme. The idea is that you send this link to people who persistently ask you questions that they could easily look up themselves on Google. The solution does not necessarily keep you on speaking terms with the person - but it made me laugh anyway.

Check it out here on 'let me google that for you'.
I got that link from Paul who is the fabbest person you could ever ask to work with.

Finally what a relief to know that 'Teenagers' Internet socialising is not a bad thing.'

But what about the over fifties? Am worried sick. Actually though ... why do people assume that the young are most vulnerable to addictive behaviours and so on? The evidence is, on the contrary, that adults behave extremely addictively sometimes, it is not something just to do with youth.

Can't remember if I have ever blogged Charlieissocoollike. But if I have, here he is again:


Sigrid said...

Hi Jackie
I tried for my blog and it also came out as a man's (72%). How stupid. Are women only to write about furry kittens, or children? Hang on, I DID write about lolcats, and children. So it must be something else :-) You are right, no handbags.

Sigrid said...

Sorry, I meant to say Julia, of course :-)

Jackie Marsh said...

Same here, my blog was 78% male. Not sure what the 22% was, maybe the entries about Barbie?

C-Monster said...

i got male as well!

DrJoolz said...

Well well this is all really interesting. 4 women with an outcome of male. Wonder if this shows that I am acquainted with a lot of blokey women? Or maybe, just maybe, it shows that gender cannot be determined through language use.
Strange thing is, ~I do think my blog LOOKS very girlie with its pinkish hues.

Sikander7 said...

While my two blogs came out as female; one at 76% and the other at 60%. Both wrong... as I am male. I think. To be honest I was rather surprised that it took only a few seconds and so I wondered if it is based on the name of the blog rather than a serious linguistic discourse analysis.

Anonymous said...

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