Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dipping my toe in the water

I would have imagined that anyone having three months off work would immediately take to incessant blogging; uploading zillions of back logged photos onto Flickr and even .... even .... starting to write the book she had been thinking about doing for a while.

But no, no no. This is not what has happened to me ... so far. Just the opposite. I have been hiding under the keyboard and feeling strange and in a funny space of not being at work and not being able to think in joined up sentences. I have been off work now for about 7 weeks .... but look at this ... I am blogging.

What has helped me feel brave enough to plunge in again? The culprit is Twitter ...or specifically people I know Twittering me ..... allowing me to just dip my toe in and help remember how nice it is to get glimpses of your friends online... getting messages through of just a couple of lines has helped me back in somehow and maybe just maybe, when I get back to work I won't feel so twitty having first been tweeting and blogging my way into digital literacies again.

So this is an interesting little use of social networking ... a vehicle for helping people to make their way back into communities after absence.

What have I been doing meanwhile? Not a lot ... but I have read this (yesterday) by mad old Janet Street Porter; this (REALLY hilarious); and this (not hilarious but totally not put downable) . I have over the last weeks been forced into reading articles about Jade Goody like this and it has driven me batty. How can anyone bear this stuff??

I have been eating healthily in extremis lately and so I have been reeling from looking at this blog which beautifully illlustrates the path to fattiness and obesitydom.

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Sheila Webber said...

I have just seen this post - I was off work for 8 weeks following my emergency appendix operation and I certainly came back (and came back a bit too soon, I now think) finding it all rather baffling - all this stuff I was doing and that I was expected to do and somehow I had managed to do before. I got back into my information literacy blog before almost anything else in that it is a more straightforward activity (since it is mostly an info blog) which I could do in a relatively short time and feel I'd done something that day. I still feel that it not impossible that somehow some of my brain cells got flushed out when they administered the general anasthetic, because there are some things that seemed to disappear along the the appendix. Although they did an incision (not keyhole) it is still not a major operation really, and it is very clear cut (they take the appendix out - then unless it festers your life is no longer in danger). Still, it seems to have had a major impact - and I'm sure the age thing is a factor, both physically and mentally.