Monday, 27 July 2009

Bless us and all who sail in us

This is Guy and I happy at our book launch a few weeks ago... many thanks to Lynda Graham for the picture. This was also the day when we launched our new research centre - The Centre for the Study of New Literacies at Sheffield. We were so lucky to have Anne Haas Dyson from Illinois University and Angela Thomas from Sydney. They both gave fantatsic keynotes, focusing on their research. We had so many of our friends ad colleagues - teachers and academics, come along to wish us luck with the Centre. It was a great start for a centre that we hope will be a catalyst for research as well as a showcase and discussion forum. We plan lots more events for the coming year - not least a conference in July 2010.
We hope that students from the MA in New Literacies will like to come along to events - and that our doctoral students will be playing a role in the Centre too.


Martin Waller said...

Congratulations... you can always rely on Lynda when it comes to photo opportunities. I'm still waiting for my copy of the book to be delivered!

The New Literacies Centre Launch was such a great day. Your keynote on eBay was brilliant :)

DrJoolz said...

oh thanks Martin .... and I am so sorry your book has not come yet. Peter Lang are v annoying ... did you order from them or from Amazon? My one from PL came in a week or less.

You are very kind in your praise as I know that my talk trailed off v badly as I suddenly had a crisis of confidence & forgot what I was going to say in summary!!

guy said...

Now come on, it didn't trail off at all. I think you might have thought'so what' but you didn't say it - it didn't show. I like the idea of people sailing with our book, although they might need to sail to actually get hold of a copy!