Monday, 20 July 2009

Twitter Rocks

Have been getting into Twitter big style and find the following benefits:

1. Can select tweeters to follow so that they fit a particular profile - for me this is people who are interested in talking about Web 2.0 and Education;

2. I can quickly and easily add to my contacts in a relevant way by looking at other people's tweet feeds;

3. There is a constant stream of interesting things to read about - ever changing and frequently reporting on stuff as it happens;

4. I can keep up to date really easily;

5. I can ask questions on my Twitter stream and will quickly get lots of answers;

6. The 140 character limit means that it is a quick job to scan each tweet;

7. Most stuff is public but if need be I can contact people privately - allowing a back channel;

8. The search facility works very well - I can look quickly at who is talking about 'New Literacies' or use a string like 'lost my job' - great for research;

9. Tweets can point to other online material and thus publicise stuff in a fairly unobtrusive way;

10. As far as schools are concerned - teachers can get students to tweet on particular topics - only needing to write a little bit and learning how to be concise;

11. Teachers can encourage kids to communicate to others what they are learning in school.

That's it for now. Apart from of course.... Flutter:


Leo Havemann said...

Agree with everything but I think the point about the 140 character limit making it quick to scan each tweet is such an important element.

A lot of people seem to complain that you can't post an update 'as long as you want' on Twitter (often seems to be coupled with how this is symptomatic of our short attention spans, superficial soundbite culture etc).

This is really missing the point - we already had blogs and are not replacing them with tweets - twitter is the main way I now filter which blog posts and other online material I am going to skim, ignore, read in full, etc.

Anyway, great post.

DrJoolz said...

Cheers Leo - thanks for calling by! Yes I have found new blogs to read since joining Twitter and have really found that my web 2.0 trips are more fruitful these days!
I think that as long as you are picky about who you follow, then you get the most out of Twitter.